Nasiha and Eric’s Story

By August 22, 2018Success Stories

Natural treatments for myeloma and eczema

We love hearing success stories about natural treatments for cancer. Nasiha had multiple myeloma and Eric had severe eczema. They were both treated at a clinic in Mexico using alternative therapies.

Hear about their success in their own words:

“Words cannot express how special this place was to my wife and me. Dr. Bautista has developed something super special here! We went through treatment together, as she has multiple myeloma and I have severe eczema which kept me up at night for 2 years! I sleep now! And my wife’s numbers are responding excellently! The care we received was thorough, yet super compassionate. I say “they saved my life!” and my wife’s, for sure!

We met countless patients with only 2 common denominators: they come in sick and tired, and leave healthier and happier. So many success stories! Mucho kudos to ALL our new family there! They all cared for us like no other! The food crew is exceptional! The admin peeps are super beautiful! Special love to Egla, Yesenia, Ana and Dr. Rivera and Dr. Alvarez. We love and miss you already!”