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A Variety of Safe, Natural, Effective Cancer Treatments

Halo Therapy

HALO Therapy is engineered to infuse the body with energy. When used in combination with botanicals, HALO boosts immune function against cancer.

Rife Therapy

During treatment, patients place electrical pads on either their feet or hands. These pads, which produce electrical impulses, are attached to a Rife machine and emit low-energy waves. Patients connect for short spurts (often only a few minutes a day) several times a week.

Vitamin B17

In the world of alternative medicine, therapy including Vitamin B17 has delivered powerful results for a variety of cancer types.

Hyperthermia Therapy

(including whole body hyperthermia and localized hyperthermia)

Hyperthermia (also called thermal therapy or thermotherapy) raises body temperature to damage and kill cancer cells. The process involves exposing body tissue to high temperatures; 103-104ºF.

Program cost and duration

The cost of the program depends on how long you stay. You can pay a week at a time and conclude your treatment whenever you choose. Your overall progress will be evaluated each week to assess how you are responding to treatment so that your doctor can help you decide if you want to stay longer.

Week 1

$ 7,195

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Week 2

$ 6,200

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Week 3

$ 5,600

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