Gary’s Story

By September 18, 2018Success Stories

My name is Gary Barnes. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I am 61 years young. In 2016 I had a stage 4 tumor in my head. At the Cleveland Clinic I had extreme treatment of Chemo and Radiation to fight this battle! After 6 months I was clear, no cancer anywhere. I went to do a scan every 3 months to check my body. One year later tumors came back in both lungs! I did 5 months of more Chemo; did a scan and all tumors were still there.  One big one and a lot of small ones. The doctors didn’t seem very concerned if I lived or died.

The FDA in the USA doesn’t allow a lot of other treatments that Mexico has, so we began researching alternative treatments online. We stumbled upon a testimony called “Peggy Sue Survived.” In his testimony he explained how his mother was on her death bed and unable to walk. She came to the Immunity Therapy Center and in 3-6 weeks, she walked out of clinic on her own cancer free! That was 10 years ago! We emailed her and she called us back within 1 hour and explained everything to us. They called and made arrangements for the main Doctor to call us 4 hours later.

Dr. Bautista was so informative and explained everything and answered all of our questions thoroughly. This was Thursday. July 12th of this year. We made arrangements through the Center and we were here in Mexico on the following Monday. I started my treatments the next day.

From the first day Tammy and I walked through these doors we felt like we were at home! The love and concern from everyone working here was unbelievable. Everyone from Anna, Gusman, doctors, nurses, the chef and his crew, cleaning and maintenance people, etc. all were so accommodating. We felt like God brought us here and now we know why he did! Every treatment I did was very different from what the USA could offer! Dr. Alvarez was wonderful, he knew all of his patients names, their illnesses and treatments without even looking at a chart to read from. He answered all of our questions every day and explained everything so we could understand. The communication between the nurses and him was great; even though I did not know Spanish very well seeing their smiling faces everyday made me feel welcome.

I couldn’t have chosen a better place for healing! After a few days I even got Dr. Alvarez to smile big; it made me feel like he was more than just my doctor and I wasn’t just another number like the doctors in the USA made me feel a lot of times! Anna made arrangements at a beautiful hotel (The Lucerna) and she also made arrangements for my daughter Amanda to be picked up at the airport in San Diego by a driver and brought over the border to come and visit and meet my doctors. If we needed anything either Anna or Gusman were on it! Tammy and I were looking for distilled water for days (I use it for my daily nasal rinse, since my first battle with cancer). We talked to Gusman on his day off (Sunday) and he went out of his way and found it for us! I’ve called Gusman “bro” from day one since I could not pronounce his name right and told him that “bro” is like calling him my brother from another mother!

The diet I am on now is very different but after talking with the nutritionist, Nick, and everyone else, it makes sense and I will follow it for my long life! I came here with a great attitude, my great belief in the lord and confidence! I like to have fun and smile/laugh a lot! Even though I didn’t have much energy from day one, I tried not to show it. From day two I had more energy. I used to sleep 10-12 hours a day and nap daily! Now i am good with 8-9 hours and don’t take many naps. I am stronger now, working out a little and walking at least 3 miles a day! The day before I came here I couldn’t walk 100 feet without feeling exhausted!

From day one we have met so many great fellow patients; we have shared all of our life stories, became personal friends and exchanged information to stay in touch! We all encourage each other daily and we all pray together no matter what our religious beliefs are. Well it’s been 3 weeks of treatment ending on August 8th. I had cat scan done on August 2nd. I talked with Dr. Alvarez on August 3rd. Dr. Alvarez went over my results thoroughly; he explained everything like I was his only patient! My large tumor had shrunk and my little tumors were gone! Amazing how only 3 weeks of treatment helped so much! I am going home with great memories for the rest of my long life and I’m going to spread the word about this wonderful Immunity Therapy Center! I purchased medicines to take for 3 months and some equipment for my home in the USA as well to continue my treatments and success! This center has improved/saved my life whereas the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic said well we tried to help but enjoy the rest of your life, giving me no hope! We are going home feeling great, thankful and so happy! We are very thankful we found this treatment center! Thank you lord and thank you to The Immunity Center!

Editor’s note: this post has been edited for clarity.