Dream’s Xei Pei’s Story

Xei Pei’s Story

My birth name means “dream,” and the reason I am able to tell you my story today is a truly dream in itself. A little over 14 weeks ago I began treatment at the Immunity Therapy Center, after I was diagnosed with more than 24 aggressive tumors throughout my body.

I shouldn’t be here to tell you my story… but today my tumors are gone.

Last September I began experiencing lower abdominal pain. By October the pain was worse. It was so bad enough that I finally went to the ER, and that is when I saw my CT scan lit up like a Christmas tree. The oncologist told me I had severe state-4 B-cell lymphoma.

I remember looking at those scans of my body. I would lose count and have to start over again. One was so large that it was the size of an egg, and it was pushing up against a bundle of nerves. I remember the excruciating pain, and I remember the feeling of hope draining from my body.

I couldn’t sleep, and I was nauseated all the time. I had to squat at night because of the pain, which was worse than any labor I had gone through. The morphine every four hours did nothing to help anymore.

Then I was told the oncologist couldn’t see me again for another three weeks.

The next day I was wheelchaired into the Immunity Therapy Center in Tijuana, led by God to Dr. Bautista and his staff. I was overwhelmed by his care and patience, his attention, and the passion and knowledge demonstrated by him and his staff.

When I first came to the center, Dr. Bautista said I had numerous signs of complications, and that had I arrived any later… I would be telling a very different story right now. By day three of my visit the pain dropped from a ten to a five. By the second week, the pain was practically gone. No more morphine! By the third week, 24 lymphoma spots had become three, with the largest tumor half its original size.

By the new year, after nine weeks of treatment, only two small spots remained on the CT scan. That same oncologist I first saw was amazed with the progress. Whatever I was doing must be working!

I believe ITC works where treatment centers and hospitals might not because they offer the most alternative therapies, instead of just recommending just one of course of treatment, and that makes absolute sense to me. And they use all the effective technology available to them to approach the health of the body, and the disease, from all sides, using a combination of treatments that have all been approved to work.

Each day, Dr. Bautista and my personally assigned nurses talked me through my individualized treatment, explaining why it was working for me and answering all my questions. They closely monitored my progress, and any issue was addressed immediately.

I am grateful to God for guiding me to ITC and Dr. Bautista, for they saved my life. My story is one of survival and triumph because of them.

I have been staying in Tijuana during my treatments and recovery, soaking up all the beauty and culture this city has to offer. We go to the market almost every day, and the people are very friendly. I feel safe here. It feels like home.

If you have been reading my story, maybe it is because you’ve been given similar news yourself. The kind of news that changes everything. But it doesn’t mean your story is over. I have been where you are, I have lived through that nightmare… but I am alive and well today.

For people like you and me, the center is a dream come true.

I would love to tell you more about ITC. Please feel welcome to contact me with your questions. Or continue reading on this page for more information about how ITC can not only change your life, but give you the chance to tell your own story tomorrow and all the days to come.


Xei Pei