Cancer 101

Coping With A Diagnosis

By | Cancer 101

A cancer diagnosis often takes a hefty emotional toll. Many individuals report experiencing anxiety, depression, and other significant mental health side effects when they learn their well-being is at risk. If you’re facing cancer, consider the following suggestions for mitigating the emotional impact a diagnosis often brings.

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Cancer 101: You’ve Received A Diagnosis. Now What?

By | Cancer 101, Treatments

A cancer diagnosis is often accompanied by an acute sense of powerlessness. Many patients report feeling they have no sense of control over their body, their treatment, or their lives. But the first thing to do when diagnosed with cancer is to learn about your disease, understand how lifestyle is a contributing factor to your health, and take back control. Cancer occurs when cells mutate, meaning they grow abnormally, and spread. A healthy cell knows to grow, divide, and then stop growing. Eventually, those healthy cells will die off. But cancer cells are different. Diseased cells continue growing and dividing and do not die on their own.

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